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Aerial view of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

The Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa wanted to strengthen its links with the local community and decided to set up YCI to help them achieve this ambition. The property has been successfully training young people since 2006, thus facilitating their transition into work life and helping them to make informed career choices.

The typical programme cycle sees students starting the training in February and finishing with a graduation ceremony in August of the same year. Many graduates have continued onto employment in the hospitality sector, whilst others have utilised the skills they have learned to follow new career paths.

Tourism is a vital industry for Australia. As of 2012, it currently generates $94 billion in spending and directly employs around half a million Australians. The tourism and travel industry contributed 9.8% to Australia’s total GDP in 2013, while it is its number one services export.

Nonetheless, the country is dealing with higher unemployment due to the global downturn and young adults are being hit the hardest. At the end of 2013, approximately 40% of 15-24 year olds were unemployed while this could rise further due to a lack of new jobs being created.

The OECD has put forward education investment strategies. These programmes are likely to maximise youth potential in relation to the labour market. In 2011, 33.8% were registered in vocational training courses.

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