YCI Country Information

The YCI model was born in Thailand, where the Youth Career Development Programme (its operating name in the country), was first set up in 1995. Starting in Bangkok, the programme was a dynamic partnership between the Pan Pacific Hotel Group and UNICEF Thailand. Although the initial intention was to serve as a strategic prevention measure against potential exploitation of adolescent women, young men were later accepted onto the programme too. YCI Thailand re-launched in May 2017, at Soneva Kiri. The self-managed programme was championed by Mr. Jorely Mathew, Area Director Human Resource, who previously coordinated YCI at Fairmont Jaipur, India, and Phawin Phiophang, Training Manager at Soneva Kiri. Three young people were recruited as YCI students by Plan Thailand and their local partner Labour Rights Promotion Network. Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, Thailand’s largest and least populated island. A one hour flight from Bangkok, the hotel brings together environmental sustainability and rich Thai culture, making it an exciting learning environment for YCI students

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