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“Let’s shoot for the moon. Even if we fall we will land among the stars.” YCI Lusaka, Zambia students graduate

“The opportunities we have in front of us are those which are grandparents couldn’t have dreamt about. To all my fellow YCI graduates, let’s shoot for the …

Phuong, YCI Hanoi, Vietnam 2016

Before YCI, Phuong’s life consisted of the usual routines of home and school life. Born to a farming family, she …

Let’s celebrate YCI 2017! Enter the Winter Photo Competition

To mark another year of YCI, we're launching the Winter Photo Competition! The YCI photo competition is your

Reyna, YCI Riviera Maya, Mexico 2016

“Everyone and everything starts from the bottom, but you can become something big in the future.” This is

YCI Senegal 2017 launches!

We are delighted to announce that YCI Dakar, Senegal has kicked off! Six young people have started the

What does the future spell for youth opportunities in hospitality? Reflections on the 2017 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Head of the Youth Career Initiative, Scott Robinson reflects on the 2017 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, and what emerging trends mean for the young people we support. Keep reading to find…

VIDEO: YCI Puerto Vallarta & Punta de Mita launches

We're very excited to tell you that YCI Puerto Vallarta & Punta de Mita has kicked

Vishal, YCI Jaipur, India 2017

Vishal was born and raised in Jaipur where he lived with his parents. He had to

YCI graduate shows how the hospitality industry can support life changing opportunities

A young graduate of a life-changing employability programme attended AHIF to describe how he went from an orphan with limited life chances to a chef in a top hotel, economically independent and supporting his siblings. Dalitso Mwanza