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YCI celebrates launch in new India location – Udaipur

Partners, hotels and students were celebrating the launch of YCI in a new location in India last week. Udaipur is in the Rajasthan region, to the north …

“The transformation in every young person is unbelievable”

We interview Mrs Kher of our India non-profit partner Yuva Parivartan about how YCI can help young people change their …

Meet Trung who became an entrepreneur

 Unemployment among young people in Vietnam is three times higher than the country’s average. It is particularly difficult

Meet Bhavesh who made his dreams reality

Bhavesh Gambhey lived with his parents in India, coming from an economically disadvantaged background. He didn’t expect big

“YCI gives young people the chance to rediscover their unique qualities”

For many years Alejandro Garciacano has been YCI’s champion in Mexico. Now as he moves onto a new

Meet Ericka Macias who gained her independence

Meet Erika Macias who graduated from YCI Guadalajara in 2017. Ericka had moved from place to place in the United States with her mother but changing homes so often had disrupted her…

YCI programmes invited to ‘snap their selfies’

YCI programmes, their students and graduates are invited to “snap their selfies” as the Spring photo

Meet Jefferson who discovered a love of cooking

Jefferson dos Santos graduated from YCI Rio de Janeiro in December 2017. Thanks to the programme

Teaching kids to dream is good for business

“Their career compounds itself with their lives and it is life changing but it’s also measurable.” Mariana Aldrigui is a researcher at the University of Sao Paulo and a Director of the Global Travel & Tourism Partnership