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Why YCI’s success depends on partnership working

Through years of developing our model to become the hotel industry's solution to youth unemployment, we know that partnership working is the key to making good things …

YCI Photo Competition winners revealed

Towards the end of December we published the winners of our Autumn photo competition. More than 130 photos were submitted …

Success breeds success at YCI Goa, India

Thanks in part to a 100% success rate of graduates in the current cohort of YCI Goa, five

Why human rights are a key pillar of YCI

In recognition of Human Rights Day, Head of YCI Scott Robinson explains why human rights is core to

Luis, YCI Mexico City, Mexico 2017

With thousands of people have fleeing from violent gangs in Guatemala, Luis sought refuge in Mexico. Leaving without

Thamires, YCI Sao Paulo Brazil 2013

“I’ve learned to never give up! The road may be long, but victory is certain.” This is what Thamires said about her experience of YCI. Keen to be a successful young woman,…

“Let’s shoot for the moon. Even if we fall we will land among the stars.” YCI Lusaka, Zambia students graduate

“The opportunities we have in front of us are those which are grandparents couldn’t have dreamt

Phuong, YCI Hanoi, Vietnam 2016

Before YCI, Phuong’s life consisted of the usual routines of home and school life. Born to

Let’s celebrate YCI 2017! Enter the Winter Photo Competition

To mark another year of YCI, we're launching the Winter Photo Competition! The YCI photo competition is your opportunity to show us what makes your programme a fantastic learning experience for the young people you train.  That's