Scott Robinson

Head of the Youth Career Initiative

Scott Robinson

Head of the Youth Career Initiative

Scott is passionate about addressing the causes of social inequality and promoting social mobility, and is motivated to work in roles which allow him to do this. With over 10 years’ experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Scott joined YCI in October 2014 as Partnerships and Operations Manager before moving into the role of the Head of the Youth Career Initiative in November 2016.

Believing that decent work offers a stable income and a sense of purpose, he is driven by the transformative impact of the Youth Career Initiative in helping disadvantaged young people break out of the experience trap – where someone lacks the skills and experiences to get a job, whilst also in need of the financial resources to pursue further education.

As the Head of YCI, Scott is responsible for leading the team, developing the YCI growth strategy, and partnerships with the hotel industry, non-profits, funders and other strategic partners.

Prior to YCI, Scott undertook roles at Scholé (an operator of low cost private schools across Africa), Changemakers (a UK based youth leadership charity) and sales for a national chain of photography studios. He brings experience in fundraising, communications, team and programme management, as well as experience in front-line service delivery.



  1. Terrific,
    Scort, the YCI lies directly inline with my personal as aspirations and my organization strategic objective to contribute towards the development of hospitality and tourism industry of my country, africa and the world at large. i have completely convinced to be part of this noble cause to use my outfit to impact the lives of my brothers and sister in Ghana (a developing country), I am myself a hospitality professional who entered the industry after my national service, and was challenged with the issue of unemployment. as graduate, i had no option than to opt for a cleaning job position ( an entry level job) before i was promoted to wait in a restaurant, then i had better opportunity to be employed in then a newly opened international four star hotel brand as a waiter. this experience gave me alot of training and grooming that compelled me to pursue Bsc. Hospitality Management here in Ghana, and i am proud after four years program, i am graduating next month. I feel so empowered to impact many young and fresh students in making the right choice in life, and so currently as part of what i do (Hotel Management Contracts for Budget Hotel and guesthouses), we also undertake Hospitality and Tourism Students and Graduate Internship Placement ( a new phenomenon) in Ghana, but now receiving attention.
    i will want to use this opportunity to seek for my inclusion as a partner agency/organization/company for the YCI.

    Ernest Thompson
    Managing Director
    Eroat Ghana Limited
    Cape Coast-Ghana

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